Questionnaire Summary

Questionnaire Summary

I have finally started my novel. My children’s book is still waiting for an illustrator and my nonfiction book of Santa stories has taken a back seat to the novel that is fighting to get out of my head and onto paper. To make sure I am in tune with my younger audience, particularly when it comes to what is going on in our federal government, I decided to create am online poll. I promised those that take the poll that I would post results along the way. This is where you will find the latest results. If you would like to participate in this questionnaire, please don’t reply to this blog post. You can answer the 6 questions at

Results updated July 17, 2018 Total responses: 28

Though the responses are important in their own right, there is more significance to the plot of the story based on the age of the participants. I have listed the results by color-coded age based on the following chart:
S – The Silent Generation: Born 1928-1945 (71-88 years old)
BB – Baby Boomers: Born 1946-1964 (52-70 years old)
X – Generation X: Born 1965-1980 (36-51 years old)
M – Millennials: Born 1981-1996 (20-35 years old)
PM – Post-Millennials: Born 1997-Present (0-19 years old)
All – Total of All Responses

Term Limits:
The President is elected to serve for 4 years, Senators for 6 years, and Representatives for 2 years. The President is limited to serving a maximum of 10 years and can only be elected to office for 2 terms.

Question 1:
Should Senators have term limits?
A) No
All: 4(14%)
S:0(0%) BB:0(0%) X:0(0%) M:4(27%) PM:0(0%)
B) Yes – 2 terms, same as President All: 23(82%)
S:1(100%) BB:5(100%) X:4(80%) M:11(73%) PM:2(100%)
C) Yes – 3 terms All: 1(4%)
S:0(0%) BB:0(0%) X:1(20%) M:0(0%) PM:0(0%)

Question 2:
Should Representatives have term limits?
A) No
All: 4(14%)
S:0(0%) BB:0(0%) X:0(0%) M:4(27%) PM:0(0%)
B) Yes – 2 terms, same as President
All: 14(50%)
S:1(100%) BB:3(60%) X:2(40%) M:7(47%) PM:1(50%)
C) Yes – 3 terms
All: 10(36%)
S:0(0%) BB:2(40%) X:3(60%) M:4(27%) PM:1(36%)

Presidential Elections:
Originally, the number of representatives from each state was based on the population as determined by the US Census Bureau’s decennial census. The number of representatives from each state would grow as the population expanded. That number was capped in 1911 to 435 members creating an imbalance in the voting strength of the more populous states. Each state’s votes in the electoral college is equal to the number of representatives plus 2, for the senators.

Question 3:
Which best describes your preference for future Presidential elections?
A) Change nothing, use the Electoral College as is
All: 8(29%)
S:1(100%) BB:2(40%) X:1(20%) M:3(20%) PM:1(50%)
B) Proportionately increase the number of Electoral votes for the more populous states
All: 6(21%)
S:0(0%) BB:2(40%) X:1(20%) M:3(20%) PM:0(0%)
C) Eliminate the Electoral College and go to a popular vote
All: 14(50%)
S:0(0%) BB:1(20%) X:3(60%) M:9(60%) PM:1(50%)

National Debt:
Since 1981, the US national debt has increased 18.9 trillion dollars. It has been suggested by leading economic experts that the ratio of annual deficit spending to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) not exceed 50%. In 1981, that ratio was 31.5% and in 2017, that ratio was 105.4%.

Question 4:
Which best describes your solution to the rising national debt?
A) Continue as is, raising the debt limit as required
All: 5(18%)
S:0(0%) BB:1(20%) X:1(20%) M:3(20%) PM:0(0%)
B) Establish a maximum percentage increase allowed annually to the national debt
All: 2(7%)
S:0(0%) BB:1(20%) X:1(20%) M:0(0%) PM:0(0%)
C) Introduce a Balanced Budget Amendment to stop the increase of the national debt
All: 15(54%)
S:1(100%) BB:2(40%) X:1(20%) M:10(67%) PM:1(50%)
D) Institute a maximum ratio of national debt to GDP
All: 6(21%)
S:0(0%) BB:1(20%) X:2(40%) M:2(13%) PM:1(50%)

Final Analysis:
Should Senators have term limits? Yes – 2 terms
Should Representatives have term limits? Yes – 2 terms
Change future Presidential Elections? Majority: Popular Vote, Baby Boomers and older: Keep EC
Solution to National Debt? Majority: Balanced Budget Amendment, Gen X: Max ratio Debt/GDP

Obviously, with such a small response rate, these numbers may not be indicative of the general population but I think it shows that we agree some things need to change and we are closer in agreement than not as to what those changes need to be.