Many are familiar with my first two muses as I have seen them depicted many times before. They can easily be imagined as sitting on my shoulders, one on each side whispering into my ears. One dressed in white and carrying a harp, pleading for me to do all these good things. The other in red, carrying a pitchfork, spouting the merits of mindless tasks. You might recognize them as my guardian angel and the devil. I often refer to them as Frick and Frack, Yin and Yang, but most often as “Oh Yeah” and “Oh Shit”.

Oh Yeah is happiest when I’m in my creative zone. It matters not how I demonstrate my creative prowess, whether writing, designing, playing music, building, storytelling, or any other of my creative endeavors, Oh Yeah doesn’t care. Oh Yeah just wants me to be happy.

Oh Shit is more into the sit back and take it easy for a spell. Play that video game. Go out and throw the ball with the dog. Watch whatever sport is currently playing on ESPN. Oh Shit just wants me to be happy.

Being happy. Isn’t that truly the foundation of our existence, the basis of our journey, the goal to be achieved every day, in every way? What most don’t see, however, are the other muses that prod me each day. Oh Yeah and Oh Shit just seem to be the loudest and work extra hard to have their efforts recognized.

I have two other muses, as well. Though not noticeable at first, you have assuredly witnessed their results. Heavy Sigh flits around my head, wisps of gauzy material flowing behind, so light that he’s only discernable from the chill of the breeze on the back of my neck as he yearns to get my attention. Maybe you’ve noticed him, too. Let my mind start to wander to the ugly side and he becomes worse than a south Georgia gnat buzzing around inside my ear. He reminds me to relax. Heavy Sign just wants me to be happy.

Om acts as the gatekeeper. Om is always on guard for the flare-ups, the temper, the feelings of self-doubt, the despair of being less than worthy. Om watches my emotions and keeps track of their settings and works to steer them back on course when they start to veer too much off center. Om isn’t so much a being as an invisible force. Remember playing with a gyroscope as a child? You would spin it and let it stand on your finger. You would take your other hand and try to push it over but it resisted, pushing back. That was Om. Om works hard to keep me calm. Om just wants me to be happy.

When I am keeping all four of them content, I am doing my best. The funny thing is, even that is easy to do. First, I get calm – that makes Om happy. Then I act in a gentle manner which pleases Heavy Sigh. I can then be more creative which brings Oh Yeah much joy. Then I relax and recognize I’m having fun and Oh Shit just pumps his fist in the air and shouts “Let’s do this!”