Help Us Hollywood - Put an End to the Star War

Help Us Hollywood – Put an End to the Star War

Shelley and I went last week to see Star Wars – The Last Jedi at the movie theatre. Though this installment has been out for a while, I can say that I’ve seen every episode on the big screen during each first run. During our discussion and critique on the way home after the show I have come to the following conclusion. It’s getting old.

Star Wars – A New Hope was released in 1977. With the release of the current episode, this war has been going on for 41 years. Though it started the year before my birth, I grew up with the Vietnam War as part of my daily dose of news from the moment I understood I was watching current events on the television all the way through high school. We often heard of new tactics being used, new weapons being introduced, and were constantly being bombarded with casualty statistics from both sides of the skirmish, as if saying as long as we kill more of them than they do of us, we’re winning, somehow.

But, as a general population, we grew tired of the war. We protested the idea of war. We protested our young being sent over to fight. We protested having the feeling we had no say in the matter. We protested that there had to be a better way to put an end to the insanity.

Those that were born after 1975 still know of the Vietnam War. They know of the lives lost. They know of the protests. They know what a dirty, nasty ordeal it was. They don’t remember it lasted 20 years. That’s over 3 times as long as World War II, 5 times longer than World War I. It is estimated over 2-1/2 million people died during the Vietnam War. Yet, the Star War has gone on for over twice as long as the Vietnam War and has cost an estimated 50 billion lives, yes, with a B – and we celebrate it.

This is the epitome of hypocrisy in Hollywood. They get on their soapbox and preach how bad our presence is in Afghanistan and Iraq. They strive to drive the social conversation about our country’s involvement in any conflict outside our nation’s border. Yet, they have no problem glorifying the very thing they claim they abhor for the sake of a buck.

Hollywood has the ability to create their own reality on the big screen that we easily allow ourselves to fall into, to become part of. If their ideas are as superior as they want us to believe, then SHOW us how to do it. Show us a better solution by ending the Star War. Haven’t we lost enough lives? Hasn’t it gone on long enough? If you have the solution for our own global problems, show us how to do it, you have a war that you can stop.

In the business world I was always taught not to complain about something unless I could offer an alternative solution to address the problem. Hollywood, I’m asking you to do the same. If you can’t offer a better solution and show it to us, just shut up.

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  1. Derek says:


    Enjoyed the read. Overall agree with you. Hollywood used to be about glamour, love, song and comedy. Even if tragedy was introduced there was always a pleasant reveal at the end.

    The happily ever after? Not so much these days. For example, I was looking through Netflix last night. I searched the endless
    Titles and screen shots for a humorous movie the wife and I could watch to catch a few much needed laughs. I was in hope of finding something that would allow a graceful drop into slumber but also a laugh or too to ready ourselves for good, positive thoughts.

    After sifting through the violence and never ending masses of action genre I was surprised that comedy’s actually were less in numbers, and frankly littered with Sandler like comedy-which in the my own mind is somplayed out and tired I thought no hope existed.

    Fortunately after some time hitting the advance button I settled on two comedies. One a love story, the other a love story… both happy endings, both different pathways to the heart. One was elementary in nature with time travel being the main basis of the plot, the other deceit, adultery, theft, greed, language and finally a rough and uneasy resolution back to Love.

    In two movies, two different views on how the loop of Love finally overcomes some humorous twists and turns. But nonetheless the second movie was overrun by acts of mankind that seem to be status quo these days.

    Hollywood and those within live this daily, and war conflict continue on. The train has left the stage and no one is guiding it. Violence, graft, and greed continue to be the foundation, and people are seeking it out in droves.

    Star Wars got old after the Ewok movie. From them on I had no interest personally. And yes I admit I e seen the last Jedi and feel this compilation that has been even more of a jigsaw puzzel has continued to bore me to the core.

    Bring back the romance and the comedy. Bring back the laughter. Because it’s apparent Hollywood has lost its own ability to lighten up, without a flurry of guns and weaponry, blasts and explosions, and of course this damn Death Star.

    Thank you again for sharing! Enjoyed!