The Bench

The Bench

Number 1

Is it a picture

Or a story?

Memories from the past

Or promise for the future?

Black and white because

The details have faded

Or not yet witnessed?

An empty bench because

We’ve already left

Or not yet reunited?

The trees stand strong

Anchored to the ground

The same in Georgia

As Oregon.


Number 2

The bench stands empty

Because we are both not there.

Yet it waits patiently

Like the trees surrounding

From which it was made

For us to return once again.

Number 3

The birds are quiet

The wind is still

The bench stands empty

The color faded

Yet if we go within

All is well

Number 4

Like a tree

We start from a seed

Take root into who we are

We grow

We bloom

Then what?

We can crumble to the ground

And fill with decay

Or we can find another purpose

No longer ‘just’ a tree

But something much more


[Picture credit: Chris Graves]